We’re the Antique auto trader for Classic vehicles.

We’re talking about vintage show pieces, the kind of classy antique vehicles that turn heads when you roll by. Our classified ads are unique, and produced in house, so you won’t find them anywhere else. Don’t miss out on your dream vehicle, it could be there in our list waiting for you right now.

Many belong in a museum, some are from museums

In the old days, you’d drive up to a car lot full of classic cars and trucks. You’d check out the selection, pick out the best deal, and make an offer. Now you can search for your ideal classic car or truck on your phone because, at Old Trucks Cars for Sale, we do the front end work for you.

We’ve already picked through a massive online selection of classic cars and trucks, and we provide you with their service history and purchasing details. Browse our one-of-a-kind online inventory to see what sets us up apart from your average classic car lot, and buy classic cars online from your living room.  

Discover the Difference in Our Digital Database

Our staff thoroughly vets every vehicle in our digital database. After we investigate each car and truck, we group them according to their makes and model years. In our database, you’ll discover everything from old Chevrolets to Volkswagens, Mercurys, Fords, and hot rods. You also can search our database to buy old trucks online.

Buy Old Cars Online from Old Trucks Cars for Sale

Old Trucks Cars for Sale maintains an up-to-date monthly list of classic cars and trucks for sale. We offer our comprehensive lists at affordable prices, $2 for each item or $6 for this month’s total list. You can purchase them from "http://www.shop.oldtruckscarsforsale.com/">Shop Now page.

For more information about our services, fill out our contact form. Email us directly at info@oldtruckscarsforsale.com if you haven’t found the perfect old car or truck or you’d like to list your vintage vehicle with us.

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June 2017

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